Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Ipsy Bag

So I got my May Ipsy Glam Bag earlier this month. The happy dance totally happened. It did. It costs $10 a month and usually comes with 5 products. Swatches can be found after the jump.

Monday, May 30, 2016

April 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I was super excited to get my first Glam Bag. It came in on April 13th for me (it usually arrives around the second week of the month, I've noticed). Each bag has 5 items, ranging from sample, deluxe and full size, as well as a cosmetics bag. Note: since a review blog was a total afterthought, I failed to get pictures of what I received so I will have to settle with glam bag reveals from the source. Swatches can be found at the bottom.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Beginning

My husband, God bless his soul, heard me whining about never buying anything for myself and got me a one year Ipsy Glam Bag subscription for my birthday. 1) yay! 2) I now have to figure out what to do with 900 bags but that is a future Morgan problem.

Not knowing the first thing about makeup, and just purging a ton of lip glosses (when they shipped the color difference was so subtle it was maddening), a crusty eyeliner and even crustier mascara I figured I'm a good candidate for an Ipsy bag. Couple that with the fact that I have a job that absolutely won't let you wear makeup (or look remotely human), a one and a half year old and a newborn who won't let me have time to read or cook, let alone try to look presentable (I'm not complaining, I just respect anybody who can balance kids and budget their time, because I am not that person. I couldn't even budget time to leave the house, pre-kids, and be somewhere anytime before 15 minutes late). At least the sample sizes are usually small enough that they won't go rancid or dry out before I can get my money's worth out of them. That and I may find a brand or new color I love.

As you can see from the ramblings, I'm not sure of the tone I want this blog to take. So far it will be a monthly Ipsy bag (that is my only subscription at this time), random product review? Maybe shed a tear or two for one of those sleepless nights (in my younger days witching hour gaming, now Netflix and Wikipedia are my saviors).