Saturday, January 21, 2017

January Target Beauty Box Review

I ended up spending $10 and grabbing January's Target Beauty Box about two weeks ago (currently discounted at $7) and I'm finally getting around to hitting all of the products inside. First off: this thing is loaded and heavy as shit. It didn't waste my time trying to be cute, which I appreciated. The only effort it put into aesthetics was blue tissue paper, which may have allowed for it to be pretty loaded with products-no money wasted on bullshit and very effectively trying to serve as a billboard for products that are housed in store. Very quick and to the pointless, if you will.

I didn't lie, pretty basic, non?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

January Birchbox First Impressions

I'm trying this new thing where I do things in the month that they're due. I've gone 32 years without doing this once. Ever. Fortunately, Birchbox samples are so tiny that they're pretty easy to blast through and I don't have to worry about getting too thorough of a feel for them because they're gone before I can ever really get to that point, where I'm still working on a lip balm I got from a subscription box back in August. And just in case that was a strong enough selling point (it wasn't, it really wasn't) here's a referral link to get you started.

Birchbox x Self January 2017

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December Birchbox First Impressions

Elephant in the room: this post is pretty late. My box came in on December 31st, so technically still December, right?

So right off the rip, Birchbox samples are WAY smaller than Ipsy. That and I keep getting haircare products, which wouldn't be terrible if I actually had hair. More importantly, if I had overly processed, chemically treated, or non-natural hair that requires specific products and laughs in the face of things such as dry shampoos.

I'm also sitting here trying to learn how to live with not having posted volumes and weights, causing me to do actual work finding comparable sizes online to give an estimate of a price point.

Enough of the whining. Hey! I got my first Birchbox, guys!