Saturday, January 21, 2017

January Target Beauty Box Review

I ended up spending $10 and grabbing January's Target Beauty Box about two weeks ago (currently discounted at $7) and I'm finally getting around to hitting all of the products inside. First off: this thing is loaded and heavy as shit. It didn't waste my time trying to be cute, which I appreciated. The only effort it put into aesthetics was blue tissue paper, which may have allowed for it to be pretty loaded with products-no money wasted on bullshit and very effectively trying to serve as a billboard for products that are housed in store. Very quick and to the pointless, if you will.

I didn't lie, pretty basic, non?

So I'm not totally sold on the Chap Stick Total Hydration Lip Scrub ($4.99). I'm glad it was a full sized product but I feel that it is more balm and less scrub. I... may have dipped a product ripped finger in the sugar canister. I totally dipped my product tipped finger in the sugar canister. Another turnoff for me is the peppermint flavor. I usually look for more of a sweet scent for my balms. Not sure, I just usually find peppermint off putting , at least in scrub form. It's not bad... just meh. I won't be repurchasing this because I have too many balms I already love that I can just mix some sugar with.
Chap Stick Lip Scrub in action!
Revlon Kiss Balm swatched

I am loving the Revlon Kiss Balm (shade 030, full sized $5). The color is so subtle on me it's a flushed my-lips-but-better shade and it's super moisturizing. It smells and feels like a classic cherry Chap Stick and is very comfortable for an SPF product. Definitely a must-buy.

Eb5 intense moisture anti aging cream ($3.75) isn't a bad cream but L'Oréal may have ruined my relationship with most face moisturizers from here on out (continue reading below). It moisturizer well enough and I love that Target included a brand that is women owned but there was really nothing special about this moisturizer for me. Just note though, a little bit goes a very long way so this may last me a little past forever.

There is absolutely nothing special about the Amlactin moisturizing body lotion (valued at $3.15). It lotions. Not the best, certainly not the worst. I never reach for this. Fragrance free, doesn't feel greasy yet it doesn't absorb the best. It's the purgatory of body lotions.

I found a new favorite in the L'Oréal Revitalift re-volumeizing serum + cream volume Unknown.  It was a card packaged sample and on my god! I got a good two uses out of it and can honestly say they just won a customer. Good job, Target/L'Oréal. This combo was pretty heavily fragranced (beware if that doesn't sink your submarine) but it absorbed so well. I used this at night and may have (definitely) overly applied but woke up to a soft and clear face. It absorbed so well and thoroughly that I looked and felt moisturizer and not sticky or oily in the slightest. I should note this was my first experience with a true serum. I've been using the Nuxe Nuxellence Detox serum which absorbed well and is a glorified moisturizer but this guy kicked the shit out of Nuxe. My dream vanity would include Revitalift and Skyn ICELAND's The Antidote.

Hi, Nexus spray ($1.50). Don't know didn't use. Can't elaborate. I'm a terrible blogger (for oh so many reasons). I gave it to my mother in law but she has yet to use it and give me an update on her feelings.
"Who gives a shit? I don't dress up or care about my appearance like that anymore and a hairspray is just a hairspray."
"K thanks!"
Hairspray: *lays forgotten on shelf*

I do not like Burt's Bees products (their onesies are cute but that's a different story). I was almost excited to see their Day Lotion ($1.50) in this box until I used it. I didn't even use much and it turned into a greasy ball of hot mess within a couple of hours. Thanks, guys. Once again disappointing me every step of the way.

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment $1.50 actually smells like real lemons. Not that super tart, artificial lemon scent but lemon peel oil. It's such a summery scent to me. It's supposed to be used to clarify hair AFTER shampooing and conditioning (wait, what?) and I will try it but I don't have much hope that it will do much for my hair. Unless it strips it of oil and then I have to load it up with product again, thus negating that first use. 

TL;DR-The Target Beauty Box is totally worth it and it will be something I purchase in the future. If you're ok with drugstore brands it's probably the best bang for your buck if you're looking for skincare and haircare.

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