Sunday, May 28, 2017

On the Road

So I'm on the road and I don't have access to a computer uploads so I plan on just doing quickie posts on Instagram if sights and products till I get back home. That being said, I've already dropped an Instagram post about Garnier Fructis Sleek &a Shine Zero. I'm trying to go through as many samples and foil packets as I can as we go along (I already missed an opportunity with bath bombs, boo) so expect something every couple of days, minimum.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Gameplan

I have an upcoming vacation and a few posts in the works for the next month including but not limited to:
  • a ColourPop Haul
  • a sample and freebie haul
  • a nightly skincare routine
  • a favorites/fails post
  • I'm toying with the idea of an interpretation of my last year of subscription boxes through makeup looks
There might be some other things thrown in there but so far that's what it looks like.

May 2017 Ipsy Review

Ipsy is a beauty subscription box that sends out 5 samples in a (sometimes) cute bag every month and it costs $10 a month. Ipsy is perhaps one of the best valued beauty subscription boxes out there in terms of cost-to-value ratio. Members often receive a mix of full sized and deluxe/sample sized items. I've had months where I've received only one full sized item and other months where I got four full sized items but I would say two seems to be about average for me. Keep in mind I also have brushes selected as one of my preferred items so those do contribute to the number of full sized items I receive. Of course items received are based on the user profile and preferences members create. I recently realized I was in a comfortable beauty rut so I mixed up my profile so I could receive items I'm unfamiliar and uncomfortable with in order to force some change on my part and keep things interesting. If you're interested I've dropped a referral link for you here.

This month's theme was pool parties. Being mid-May in the Midwest this theme feels a little premature but I can't fault Ipsy for trying. If I were back on the West Coast I don't doubt I'd be feeling pool vibes already. The bag itself was pretty effing hideous this month, but to each her own. I do appreciate how they kept with the inflatable pool toy theme though: the bag itself is a cheap see-through vinyl with a plastic zipper and childish cute ice cream printed all over. The only thing I do like about this bag is how wide the zipper spans making it one of the largest opening bags I've received so far. Unfortunately that does not help me like the crumpled plastic any more. I've never been a fan of clear bags or cabinets because it always makes me feel exposed and cluttered. 

At least the contents were better? I received:
May 2017 inflatable pool float Ipsy Bag

I am not sure how I feel about the Briogio Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray. It only lasted a day so I did not get much experience with it for myself but it worked wonders on the tots' hair. Lizzie has 3A hair so hers is fairly easy to work with if not a little dry or occasionally matted. Liv, my 3B/3C baby, is a pain in the ass to comb out because she just turned a year old so sitting her down is a taxing job to begin with. This formula was so moisturizing and made an extremely difficult job much less painful. Between the three of us we blasted through a 22mL (0.75oz) bottle in one day so I am hesitant to spend $20 on a 5 oz bottle, but holy damn is it tempting after being able to comb through Coconut's hair. I can see myself biting the bullet on this soon. If you know of any dupes please let me know.

I think I like this highlighter but the jury is still out on that. It is a decent sized deluxe sample and had a very soft formula for a powder while not feeling like a cream-to-powder finish. It is a very pretty champagne color with a high shimmer while not looking glittery. I would say it definitely looks like the grown-up way to shimmer. I did find it rather difficult to blend out properly and not have it look patchy though. If I blended even the slightest bit too much I would lose the color on my face but I want to chalk that up to some combination of not knowing to highlight and not having the proper tools for the job. I am also a little concerned that the shade isn't right for my skin tone and might come off as a bit ashy in person. Any patchiness in the photo below is due to my complete makeup noobishness, not the product itself as that blends beautifully.

Jelly Pong Pong without flash (above) and with flash (below)
It only took 13 months but I finally got a non-brown shade of eyeshadow (sort of). Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Super Intense Eyeshadow Duo in Electric is a beautifully creamy eyeshadow duo with really cute packaging and its own mirror. The fact that it's cruelty free and vegan is a bonus. I honestly did not know it was possible to get such a creamy formula for a vegan pressed powder eyeshadow. The colors are very neutral but with a very subtle "pop" of color that is great for everyday, shimmery but not glittery, creamy, and quite pigmented. I also noticed that the shades apply much better with my fingers than with a brush, for whatever reason. Swatches will be dropped below.
Eyebrows distracting from applied highlighter, eyeshadow and mascara from this months bag under poor lighting

It Cosmetics Superhero Stretch Mascara

The aptly named superhero of this glambag, I fell in love with my IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara. It lengthens and defines so well and it isn't even a fiber mascara. I haven't loved a mascara this much since the Smashbox X-Rated mascara from last April which I did not realize until recently actually has fibers. Two coats gives a "falsies" look without clumping and I haven't noticed any flaking or drifting at the end of the day either. I had been wearing a deluxe size of the Smashbox Full Exposure mascara but it's been more or less entirely replaced with this little dude. Definitely my favorite item this month.

Second shittiest liquid lipstick ever
Naturally I wanted to save the worst for last: CAILYN Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in #32 Practicable. Finally, a liquid lipstick in a mauve shade that isn't red. So now you say "Look, ho. You've received like 4 various formulas in this exact shade since October. What's your deal?" Well you see, I traded for those. I am fortunate enough to have friends that receive Ipsy bags who happen to be a bit melanin deficient, if you will. So while I trade shades that are far too pink for my skin tone I receive colors they would never wear outside because they are too dark on them for everyday wear (we are lab nerds so we don't get all Prom'ed out often and when they do, they wear reds). This is actually the first time I've had one of the shades sent in my bag. It is almost unwearable because it is a little more pink than mauve, but that is an issue I can overlook (swatched below). What I cannot overlook is this hideous formula. I dropped some photos below of this god awful lipstick. At least it lives up to its waterproof claim but unfortunately it just does awful things to lips. It dries and flakes and leaves such horrible lines in the lips that I look like I tried to apply sfx to look like a wizened great grandmother of 27. When I pursed my lips together the lipstick came off of my top lip and had adhered on top of the layer on my bottom lip. I also tried to apply this multiple ways: over a liner, over a stick balm, over a liquid balm, over petroleum jelly, alone, under gloss. The end result remained the same: dry, cracked wrinkled abominations of lips.

Cakeface and mustache exhibiting the shittiness that is Cailyn liquid lipstick immediately after application

I cheated. Lipstick worn is NYX Stone Fox and Ciate London Pin-up, Eyeshadow worn is ColourPop Paradox, Stereo and Porter
Left to right (without flash): Cailyn liquid lipstick, Urban Decay highlighter and Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow duo

Left to right (with flash): Cailyn liquid lipstick, Urban Decay highlighter and Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow duo

I really enjoyed the contents of this bag overall. Aside from the liquid lipstick that couldn't, the only unfortunate thing about my bag this month was that I got a non-neutral eyeshadow shade after I dropped some cash on ColourPop (to be reviewed soon). I don't regret a thing though since the shades I bought would be too intense for an every day look while I could get away with Jelly Pong Pong for a wash of color and shimmer (my preferred style, really). I don't hate anybody in my life enough to give them a Cailyn lippie so I will see what I can do with it (not much really, not much). This month's value was $67.73 which is pretty incredible since I now have a highlighter to play around with, a new everyday eyeshadow, a holy grail mascara and a new hair product that Mother Nature is more or less strong-arming me into purchasing (thanks, kids!). While the bag design wasn't a favorite, everything inside is new to me, most of it is useful to me and most I can get tons of future use out of.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Birchbox Review May 2017

Every month Birchbox sends out a box (sometimes cute, usually not) with 5 samples at a cost of $10. Birchbox likes to send higher end brands so sample sizes tend to be on the smaller side but I won't complain about that unless they're sending foil packets. Another Birchbox trait is that they are more skincare/haircare heavy as opposed to Ipsy or GlossyBox which are more makeup heavy. This is fine with me (the skincare side at least) since I am also subscribed to Ipsy so that more or less covers my makeup fix. If you're interested, you can click my referral link here. This month was pretty decent. I received:

Monday, May 8, 2017

May Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box time! My mother-in-law buys these for me every month because she sees my eyes light up every time I pass by the makeup aisle in Target. That being said, I am a total ungrateful bitch but I look forward to these far less than my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions, but most things in the boxes are pretty useful and the value is always above the $5-10 price point. Knowing that I'm such a great salesperson (har) I threw in a link for you guys if you wanted to grab it since it's still available at $10.

This month's box included:

Friday, May 5, 2017

April 2017 Ipsy Review

It has taken me a while to write up a rundown of my April Ipsy bag (we’re rapidly creeping toward mid-May here) but here you go. I’m tired of coming up with the excuse of “I couldn’t find the time” but it remains the truest excuse I can provide. At least this month was a winner?

The April Bag included:

Ofra Blush Godet in Rendezvous $12.00, Cruelty Free, Vegan
Hanalei Soothing Aloe Gel $3.00, Cruelty Free
ColourPop Gel Crème Eyeliner in DTLA $5, Cruelty Free
Hey Honey Besame Mucho Lip Balm $7.47, Cruelty Free

Let’s focus on that bag. I know I’m a trashy ho, but how cute is this bag? It’s been a pretty polarizing bag but I think it’s fucking adorable. And whomever comes up with the themes for Ipsy does a great job. Perhaps my favorite bag in the year I’ve been subscribed!

My last blush I received I got a year ago and I find myself never reaching for it because it is poorly pigmented. Ofra Rendezvous more than made up for that previous blush. It is ridiculously pigmented, a beautiful shade, and a full size godet (pan refill). It’s my first experience with Ofra and I promise you I will be making future purchases from the brand. All swatches can be found at the bottom of the page.

Ofra Blush in Rendezvous, Hikari Cream Pigment in Honey Dew, ColourPop Liner in DTLA
I am not sure how I will go about using the Hanalei Soothing Aloe Gel. I have no idea what the sun is and I live in a small cave of a lab so I never actually see natural sunlight. I cannot imagine suffering from a sunburn anytime in the foreseeable future. The gel is not very thick, but it left my skin feeling somewhat sticky. I tried using this as a serum but it just didn’t work. The purpose of this gel eludes me while the texture once applied angers me.

Hey Honey Besame Mucho, Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
Whoo! Another eyeshadow in the same, super light, highlighter shade! This time in cream format. I’ve effed around Hikari Cream Pigment a little bit. I tried to apply it with a traditional shader brush, I bought an ELF Concealer blush which while stiff enough to pick up product is absolutely tiny, I’ve tried applying with Q-tips, everything. This shadow picks up easily onto fingertips but it turns out the only away to swatch and apply it is using fingers, which I worry might break down the composition a bit. It’s very similar to my Naked Cosmetics pigment from January but the cream texture makes it much easier to work with. I’ve been using this shade as a highlighter. I feel like Ipsy only has various nude/taupe shades of shadow to offer.

I nearly crapped myself in excitement when I saw that I received a ColourPop Eyeliner in DTLA. I would have been happy with any shade but that I got DTLA, a very deep navy blue, had me over the moon. It provides a beautiful subtle pop of color, is a full sized automatic liner and gives some color without looking over the top. I feel like this liner is a little creamier than the shade Swerve, reviewed here, and I cannot apply it as a liner for my upper lash line because I have non-existent lids that swallow up any liner I apply causing a huge mess in my crease.

I’m a sucker for lip balms, especially if it’s the liquidy, non-stick type so Hey Honey Besame Mucho was right up my alley. This came just in time to replace my Pur-Lisse Mango Lip Butter I got in October and the formula is pretty similar but I would argue that Hey Honey is less drying. I love the feeling (of both, really) upon application but I feel like this formula is nicer to my lips over the course of a couple of hours. 

Total value: $33.97, pretty low. Total happiness: about 7.5/10. Most of that score comes from Ofra and ColourPop. Holy crap that blush though. And I've been in love with ColourPop since my first encounter with the brand last year. My next purchase will probably be their Super Shock Shadows (I've already perused NYX a little and that post will be up soon enough).  

Left to right: Hikari, Ofra, Colourpop (no flash)

Left to Right: Hikari, Ofra, ColourPop (with flash)
Wearing ColourPop, Hikari and Ofra (no flash)

Wearing ColourPop, Hikari and Ofra (with flash)

Friday, April 28, 2017

April 2017 Birchbox Review

Birchbox is one of the first boxes I receive in a month and yet it's somehow one of the last posts to go up. Sorry guys. So, remember how much I bitched about Birchbox in the very beginning? I think I'm going to retract most of that vitriol I felt toward the company. I loved this month's box, possibly more than Ipsy (but the bag itself is pretty hard to beat this month). Like Ipsy, Birchbox is a $10 a month subscription that provides you with samples ranging from makeup, skincare, hair care and lifestyle items. My boxes tend to lean heavily toward skincare and hair care and this month was no exception (referral code here). It's also 11:00 PM, my brother flew into town for like 2 days with no downtime scheduled, I've been up since 4:15AM and I have work tomorrow at 6:00AM so this will be a quick-and-to-the-pointless today.

Products that I received were:
I married the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask over the weekend. I would argue that the name is misleading. The texture of my face has not been affected by this product: I still have acne bumps and some discoloration from past scarring but this mask is so incredibly moisturizing without leaving me feeling overly oily or greasy afterwards. Oh Birchbox, you tease. Sometimes you send the most pitiful sample sizes and then there are boxes like this with a decently sized sample that will last at least a few weeks. Definitely the highlight of this month's box.

The amika Nourishing Mask managed to last me a whopping two treatments. Hey, I'm not complaining. My  hair felt pretty well nourished but I cannot say if it was any better or worse than it otherwise would be. Smelled great though.

I loved this R+Co leave-in conditioner. 15mL was able to cover my entire head and I was able to get this look with next-day-hair. Unfortunately, as I was calculating values for this post I realized that I would only get about 10 uses out of a bottle which is highly unfortunate considering the cost. Needless to say I narrowly avoided buyer's remorse on this one.

Second Day Hair after using R+Co

I am pretty indifferent to the Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream. It is too thick for me to feel comfortable using knowing that it will make me look like a grease slick by the end of the day. I already have a preferred product for spot treatments (reviewed here) and the consistence of this product means it will just last me forever. I've taken to using this as a moisturizer at night in hopes that it might even out my skin tone. The Dr. Jart website states that the product is cruelty free but it does not attest as to whether or not that applies only to the final product (which I assume that is the case).

Last but not least I received a liquid lipstick by a company I've never heard of called The Beauty Crop. This one came in the shade Imma Bawse and man it's sexy a f. It is a very deep "power suit" red that is slightly cool/brown toned. The formula is a little liquidy but the pigment is so ridiculously opaque that it just melts my heart. It's also not overly sticky, not drying and doesn't have a smell. Most importantly: It actually washes away  (an issue I've been having with Tarte liquid lipsticks lately).

The Beauty Crop in Imma Bawse on lips
On the whole I would say this box was very beautifully curated. All of the items compliment one another and the one makeup item that was selected for me is such a beautiful deep red shade. The Total value of my box this month was $37.91 which I want to say is on the higher side for Birchbox and I see myself using everything in this month's box. Side note: I once only owned a single wearable red lipstick and now I'm just drowning in them.

April 2017 Target Beauty Box

Every month Target releases a beauty box full of samples and sometimes full sized beauty products that can be purchased at Target either online or in store. Boxes can range from $5 to $10 and often sell out within a couple of days of release. It's a pretty smart business model that capitalizes on the current subscription box scam craze but I'm still a complete sucker for a practical box with affordable, easily procured items. Target released two boxes this month, the traditional Beauty Box and the Naturals box (both $7 each) and I was just greedy enough to buy both. I’m making two separate posts because otherwise this thing would stretch from here to China and I’m sure as shit not going to take the time to re-read this later on (I’m blogging as a detailed makeup journal to keep track of what worked and what didn’t), nor should I expect anybody else to. This post is about the traditional Beauty Box which is somehow, miraculously still available-sorry for the ultra delayed post.

Shhh... They're sleeping.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Free L'Oreal Hydra Genius Sample + Quickie Review

L'Oreal is giving away free samples of their Hydra Genius face Serum. You can pick up your sample here. It's not an affiliate link and redirects you to the L'Oreal site where you can register for a free card sample. Or you could just skip the Sampables step and go directly to the L'Oreal website. It takes about 2-3 weeks to ship and again, it's a card sample so it's single use.

Verdict: I absolutely loved it. It feels slimy but is so lightweight and absorbs so well. The card sample is large enough for two samples but I overapplied and slathered it on for one use at night and when I woke up my face was extremely moisturizer but not coated feeling in the slightest, a common complaint I have with heavy moisturizers. I haven't seen a noticeable difference between this and the Revitalift line other than packaging but I'm sold. I already purchased the Revitalift revitalizing serum online so I'm just awaiting delivery. That purchase was based on a card sample I received in the January Target Beauty Box.

tl;dr: Grab a sample. It's free. It's worth it. I loved it.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 2017 Target Beauty Box: The Natural Box

Every month Target releases a beauty box full of samples and sometimes full sized beauty products that can be purchased at Target either online or in store. Boxes can range from $5 to $10 and often sell out within a couple of days of release. It's a pretty smart business model that capitalizes on the current subscription box scam craze but I'm still a complete sucker for a practical box with affordable, easily procured items. Target released two boxes this month, the traditional beauty box and the Naturals box (both $7 each) and I was just greedy enough to buy both. I’m making two separate posts because otherwise this thing would stretch from here to China and I’m sure as shit not going to take the time to re-read this later on (I’m blogging as a detailed makeup journal to keep track of what worked and what didn’t), nor should I expect anybody else to. This post is about the Naturals Beauty Box which is now sold out-sorry for the ultra delayed post. I also apologize for the shitty lighting. Our main source of natural light has a giant dying Ash tree just outside of it).

Thank you, Giant Ash Tree for ruining an already bad shot.
I was most excited about this box  because it had more items I knew I would get use out of. The box included

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Birchbox Review

Way late on this one. I couldn’t even manage to get a Birchbox review out in the month that I received the effing box but there have been childcare issues, a mother-in-law hospital visit and a wedding thrown in there sometime last month not to mention me falling dead in an autoclave because of working so many stupid hours as of late. Excuses aside, at least this gave me 19 days to play with my shiny new toys, no?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription that delivers five samples (sometimes deluxe sized) items to your apartment buzzer for $10 a month. This is a great subscription box if you are conscious of brand names, sample size doesn’t really bother you and you’re very into skincare or haircare items. In my experience, Birchbox isn’t very makeup heavy (unlike Ipsy), however that could just be due to my preferences there. Birchbox also gives you the option to pick one of three sample options (the other four items will be selected for you through the service), opt to not select your sample and have five items chosen for you based on your profile, or a curated box which has all items revealed, usually selected by the editorial staff (though this month the Curated Box was curated by Reese Witherspoon and her Draper James lifestyle line). If you’re interested, insert referral link here.

This month surprised me. It felt like the Birchbox FINALLY took some of my preferences into account when choosing items for me and I was actually pretty excited to feel acknowledged. I also ended up with two cosmetics items, pretty uncommon so far as I’ve seen in my last four boxes. My samples in March included:

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 2017 Ipsy First Imperssions

Both of my subs came in the same day this month (best day ever?) Let's start with the easy one. Ipsy is always pretty easy, low maintenance, a cheap date. Works for me though.

Ipsy is a subscription box that sends a (sometimes cute) bag and five beauty products a month. Ipsy usually ranges the gamut from sample, deluxe to full sized. I don't recall ever receiving any single use foil packets in my (holy shit!) 12 bags from them and the value is usually at least double the bag (referral link here)
Full shot of bag
Folded over

This month I received:
Per usual, CF=Cruelty Free, V=Vegan.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sephora Mini Haul

I've been on the hunt for a good primer for a while now. My first experience with a moisturizing, non-silicone based primer was the Too Faced Hangover Primer. That experience was so bad that I started questioning my need for a primer in the first place. In my hunt for a new primer I recently hauled two Smashbox Try-It-Kits from Sephora and I've spending the past week or few playing with the things I snagged. Being in desperate need for an eyeshadow primer and wanting to find a new foundation primer I grabbed the Smashbox Try it Kit-Primer Authority and grabbed the Try-It-Kit: Bestsellers while I was at it (for a couple of backups and things I might use).

In my past experience, most primers don't really do too much for makeup longevity, only pore filling. I am a staunch advocate for silicone based primers for myself since I have cavernous pores that each support small villages of miners, but even then there is a specific, almost lubricating quality (if you work with graphite you will know what I mean) that I look for. I like clear, thick yet spreadable pore filling face spackle that mattifies and is almost entirely unlike lotion or any type of moisturizer. A common top ingredient I've found in these primers is Cyclopentasiloxane, a huge no-no if you are trying to avoid silicones in your beauty routine, but then I'm not. In this case  Cyclopentasiloxane serves the purpose of filling in large pores beautifully and fortunately Smashbox did not disappoint with their quality and ingredients list.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 2017 Target Beauty Box Review

My March Target beauty box (now sold out) came in and boy howdy, is it boring. Funny little back story, I was supposed to get the February box but it was a bit of a comedy of errors. The Target boxes get delivered to my mother in law because her mailbox is larger and she is always home (in case something is delivered that won't fit in the box). Somebody swiped her name plate on her mailbox and she checks her mail very infrequently, nfi why, she's just always been awful about checking her mail. After getting pissed enough at her for a perpetually overstuffed mailbox, the postal worker just stopped service and things were being returned to sender, including the February Target beauty box. By the time we realized what the problem was, the box had. Even sold it and I had to call customer service (which their customer service is awesome!) and get a refund.

This tiny little guy was heavy
White box for Spring?


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cheap review: Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

I received a Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion sample in the mail some time ago and finally gave it a spin. It was only a 9ml sample which wasn't actually large enough to really use where I most need it: my legs (serious chicken skin, if anybody has any remedies for that because so far nothing really works to smooth it).

The sample was pretty nice feeling and smelled pretty strongly of cocoa butter but other than that, it just rinsed off immediately and clung better to the bottom of the tub than to my legs. I highly suggest you don't do this if you're not very sure footed. I would love to try this again with a larger volume but It did the job of piquing my interest though because now I feel compelled to buy a full bottle to give it a real try.

Overall opinion: Not bad. It moisturized better than I thought something used in a stream of water would. It did not wash off immediately (that's good) but my legs weren't the best choice to try this considering the texture and just how much surface area they take up. It's also crazy affordable so that's a win.

Sorry, it's a bit of a wasted review but I got tired of seeing the garbage hanging out in my closet.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February Ipsy First Impressions UPDATED

Ipsy bag review. Same shit, different month. For those of you that don't know, Ipsy is a subscription boxthat sends a different makeup bag with 5 items every month for $10 and free shipping. Ipsy is based off of your personal style profile so bags are generally personalized. I would say they matched to my style overall, but then lately I realized my style is pretty effing boring: usually a mix of non thrilling makeup that I would actually use and skincare. I also snagged two bonus items with points this month because why not?

Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser ($8.00, Cruelty Free)
Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514 ($18, Cruelty Free)

I hate hate hate this VENeffects lip balm. I hate it so much I asked my two coworkers "try this and tell me what you think" (it is a squeeze tube with an opening that makes it look like the tiniest bottle of lotion ever) and I lost two friends that day as a result. One threw it angrily at my desk after she tried it. And it's only 3mL but it's the largest 3mL volume I've ever seen.

Marsk eyeshadow in You're Toast is a loose powder eyeshadow in the same nude neutral style that I've received 3 times already (comparative image at the end of this post). I'm not a fan of the loose powder but at least it has a sifter? I have enough neutral. Rinse/copper shades to last me 4 lifetimes now. That and black eyeliner which...

Marsk eyeshadow and Rodial eyeliner (smudged on left, straight in center)
I also got another black eyeliner, this time in an automatic pencil form (it's been felt marker for a few months straight now). Rodial isn't bad... but the pencil its is very thick and extremely smudgy, which is great for a smokey eye look. I um, I don't like the smokey eye look.

The Indie Lee Cleanser isn't bad: its gentle, it lathers, it smells fragrant like a rose hip tea. It has a gel like consistency. No hatred here.

I also snagged a Luxie 514 Rode Gold Blush Brush and it's pretty cute it isn't very ends which would be great for the very highly pigmented blushes that I do not own. So it mostly just pushes my lightly frostily pigmented blush around. One day I will buy something on the cheap (my discontinued Wet n' Wild blush would have been a perfect contender but it broke beyond repair after encountering Lizzie). This, like two other previous blush brushes I've received, will have to wait on the back burner until I find a suitable product to use it with.

The total value of my bag was an incredible $84.97, a record high so far I believe. All in all, not a bad month but it certainly wasn't exciting. In Ipsy's defense, none of the offerings this month excited me. The only thing I outright hate is the VENeffect lip treatment. I'm pretty sure I lost friends over this piece of shit. And I can't bring myself to throw it out because it's only 3 endless milliliters of product.
ETA: I'm an idiot. Rodial looks like it's an automatic liner (compared to the true pencil format of the full sized product) but what you see is what you get. The pencil is not automatic and does. Or dispense extra product so I will be pretty quick to kill this guy off. 

Bonus items:
I HAD to replace my Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum ($23.33 value, Cruelty Free). I still have my old tube but I loved it so much I wanted to replace it but didn't feel like paying $35 (I'm cripplingly cheap).

While I was at it I decided to grab something I would generally be upset if I found it in my bag: so I grabbed St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion ($4.73 value). I mean, what more could a black girl want besides a self tanner? I'm still missing my Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect SPF Lotion (available for price gauging here) and am desperately seeking a suitable replacement. I am an idiot and don't read bottles so Jergen's Natural Glow in Medium to Tan about a week ago and started using it last night. My expectations are non existent. Hopefully it moisturizes? 

St. Tropez swatch (blended on right)

St. Tropez stains if you don't move quickly

Nowhere near exactly the same but Ipsy has helped me realize how boring and predictable I am, especially regarding my beauty routines and preferences.
Left to right: Nomad, Nyx, Naked, Marsk