Wednesday, January 4, 2017

December Birchbox First Impressions

Elephant in the room: this post is pretty late. My box came in on December 31st, so technically still December, right?

So right off the rip, Birchbox samples are WAY smaller than Ipsy. That and I keep getting haircare products, which wouldn't be terrible if I actually had hair. More importantly, if I had overly processed, chemically treated, or non-natural hair that requires specific products and laughs in the face of things such as dry shampoos.

I'm also sitting here trying to learn how to live with not having posted volumes and weights, causing me to do actual work finding comparable sizes online to give an estimate of a price point.

Enough of the whining. Hey! I got my first Birchbox, guys!

First thing in the box was a bottle of Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Spray (value $7.50, cruelty free). It smells alright and is pretty watery. It didn't feel overly sticky or oily. Unfortunately my hair just laughs at products like this, sucks it up, then still complains about being thirsty so I didn't even bother. I will try it on the kiddo's hair one day coming up. Bright side: it didn't smell offensive. Small victories?

I'm actually kind of grateful I got the Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara (the full size is $20.00). This sample was even smaller than my samples I've received in previous months. It definitely did not clump nearly as much as my current mascara does. It has a more natural look and while it doesn't seem to add volume, it certainly felt like it curled my lashes and added definition.
Shitty camera, shitty lighting, but hopefully the left eye helps

I've been using the Dr. Brandt Pores No More cleanser lately. Ok well, by lately I mean twice. The tube is pretty small so I may get no more than 5 uses out of it. At 7.5mL, the value of this sample is about $2.57. It smells strangely like Earl Grey tea. This might have been one of my favorite things this box, really.

The oh-so-interesting Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel-Body (not tested on animals). Valued at $7.50 for 15mL, this would be a generously sized sample if it was for ones face. Unfortunately I have way too much body for 15mL so I guess it's just getting used on my hands. The packaging clearly states that it shouldn't be used on sensitive skin like the face and there are way too many reviews from people talking about their reaction they had or the difficulty they encountered when trying to remove this crap from their face. Just saying, maybe less of that.

Last up is the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (1oz, $7.33). Nope. Just no. Unfortunately, I cannot use this product. I waste most of my days trying to add extra oil to my crunchy sounding tumbleweed hairstyle. A dry shampoo is the last thing I would need for either myself or the kids. It does smell phenomenal though. The packaging is really cute though and apparently the wonderful, musky smell of the spray Oribe's signature scent, Cote d’Azur. The scent can be found throughout their line. All that said, I will be giving this to my coworker.

The box also came with a bonus travel mirror and some gift tags. I was actually really looking forward to these and I was concerned that I had subscribed too late to get these freebies. I fail as an adult and do not have a mirror in my travel makeup bag and the gift tag idea is brilliant considering how many people re-purpose their boxes for gift packaging.Not counting the (unknown value and weight) mascara, my box came to a total of $24.90, which for $10 is not bad at all. Yes, I know many of the prices are inflated either because of the brand name or because of inflation through Birchbox brokering. I'm glad I got some skincare in my first box but man, if there was some way to threaten the company so I never get hair care again, I would totally do it. I already emailed them and apologized for being "that customer" but requested to opt out of hair care products. Result: it didn't work.
Gift tags and mirror in packaging

Dinky Freebie Mirror

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