Monday, May 30, 2016

April 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I was super excited to get my first Glam Bag. It came in on April 13th for me (it usually arrives around the second week of the month, I've noticed). Each bag has 5 items, ranging from sample, deluxe and full size, as well as a cosmetics bag. Note: since a review blog was a total afterthought, I failed to get pictures of what I received so I will have to settle with glam bag reveals from the source. Swatches can be found at the bottom.

My April bag consisted of the following:

The Bag:
Cute, canvas, zips. It reminds me of home, coastal summertime sunset off of Venice Beach, perhaps. The canvas feels pretty heavy duty, and if it gets dirty (which it will) it can go in the washing machine.

Elizabeth Mott Blush Show Me Your Cheeks blush in "Peach Pink"- $10.12
The blush is nice enough, standard sample flimsy plastic packaging (not surprising) makes it a little difficult to travel with but it's not full size so I can't complain about that. It is a very pretty peach pink color and white shimmery, however it takes a bit of product to build enough color to really show. Some people might see this as a bad thing but it's good for me so I can avoid looking like a clown when I accidentally apply too much. I like the hint of shimmer too. The color is actually really nice.

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Crème in "Wonder" - $12
Wow, I hate this product. Ok, they probably isn't PC but I would argue that my hatred is almost entirely the color. It was the one thing I had genuinely hoped I would not receive in my bag. So, it's half sized (and ridiculously small, at that, so I might have a hard time justifying paying $24 for a full sized product) but considering I don't often wear highly pigmented lip products, the comically small size works for me because I don't have to worry about never finishing it and coming back to half a stick 10 years later. It has a peppermint scent and slight peppermint flavor, which I can see being a turnoff for some people. There were no claims made of any plumping attributes (I'm grateful for that). The color wears off within maybe an hour, it has a slight balmy luster, a nice tip that allows for lining and filling, and really the hugest downside is the berry color, where I am more of a brown nude or brown red person (red and berry tones work well to make me look like a horror clown female blaxploitation lead from the 70s).

Crown Brush C427 Duo Fiber  Blush Brush - $9.49
I like the brush quite a bit. This was my first experience with crown brush (I just reglued my elf brushes back together a month so this was appreciated lol. It is not too dense so that will help me as I tend to have a heavy hand when applying makeup (blush in particular and usually need to do damage control). If the bristles are too sparse to use as a blush brush I can see it making a great highlighter blush. The bristles didn't shed and the brush itself is an ergonomic shape for easy holding. It took a while to build up color with this month's Elizabeth Mott blush, but I'm not sure if that is a blush issue or brush issue. I tried the brush with other brands of blush (including a wet b wild "benefit" blush from the Dollar Tree that always gives a "makeup gun" effect when applied) and it worked very will with those, not allowing me to accidentally overapply like I usually do. Long story short: Win!

Pur~lisse Sheet Masks in Blue Lotus + White Tea & Blue Lotus + Seaweed$8 each
Not bad. Not great? I don't think I understand the sheet mask trend. I think I would have preferred a peel or rinse mask. Anywho, I had two different masks, blue lotus seaweed and blue lotus white tea. I did not really notice a difference in smell or results between the two masks but I did get a mild tingling sensation. The media on the masks did not absorb very well and after rubbing in the excess as advised on the packaging, if left my face feeling sticky. It was nice to pretend to be classy and have a mini luxurious moment to myself though.

Nomad Cosmetics Nomad x Marrakesh Intense Eyeshadow in "Desert Sands" - $5? (Palette set)
Love the color, love the pigmentation, love the consistency! Absolute win! This item was hard to price because it is part of a palette by Nomad called Nomad x Marrakesh. The retail price of this palette is $47. Looking at the palette I would only use 3-4 of the colors, the eyeliner and the mascara. The other palettes look very nice, especially the Stockholm palette, but they are all intended for paler users and my black ass would look like an extra from the walking dead. I'm sure there is a way to make it look good on darker skin but please cite my comment about "makeup novice) in a previous post, thanks!

So the total value of this bag was $52.61, which is pretty impressive. The only thing I could have truly done without was the $12 lip product (I'm still going to wear it. Try and stop me!) I feel like I don't have much use for sheet masks, especially if I only get one or two uses and want to determine whether or not I'm experiencing results of a placebo effect, but it's still nice to pretend I'm rich enough to afford such a luxury, especially  when I'm stressed out. I believe a nude lip product and a mascara were possibilities in lire of the lip crème but ultimately, no complaints. Final result, I loved the bag.

Update: Here are the swatches I promised. The first is in natural light, the second is natural light with flash. From right to left: Elizabeth Mott, Tarte and Nomad.

Natural light
Natural light with flash

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