Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June Ipsy Glam Bag

So my June Ipsy Glam Bag finally came in on June 17th. It was pretty late this month, but it looks like I'm not the only one who had this issue. This month's bag included:

I never thought I would say this about an eyeshadow, let alone a greenish one, but man, I wish this was bigger. Lounge is an absolutely gorgeous color and it caught me completely off guard. A tiny part of me wishes I got the Fireball shade because it looks so freaking wearable but I love the depth as beauty of Lounge. That and Lounge is completely unlike any color I've ever owned. The duochrome effect really doesn't show much when applied dry but applied wet (another thing I just never do) it looks amazing. The deep red-almost burgundy makes a great daytime color on my skin tone and the teal shift, especially with a black liquid eyeliner makes a great evening look. This was definitely the sleeper hit of the bag.

Sample set against a toothbrush for scale.

The ColourPop eyeliner is probably what I was most looking forward to. I got the shade Swerve (just call it black or charcoal, people) which is exactly what I wanted since I had zero black eyeliners leading into this bag (I had tossed my crusty Loreal gel liner some months ago). Honestly I would have been okay with Get Paid (rose gold shade) but I really wanted/needed black so yay! The liner goes on very smooth and is retractable, but I suspect because of its nature as a pencil it isn't the blackest thing out there. Black enough for a day look though and definitely worth a repurchase. It stays on too (way better than the E.L.F pencil I've owned in the past.

I love the formula of the Be a Bombshell Pout Potion. Every gloss I've tried in the past, all drugstore, were either sticky or would slide right off your face (think the rollerball tube from Hot Topic in the 90s in 100° desert weather). Cute (at the time) but not cute. So the formula for this was sexy af but I wish there were more than two shade options. At least I got Secret, which between that and the hot pink Famous was the lesser of two evils. I think I can make this work. I hope? A little goes a long way toward looking like Nikki Minaj.

 Ah, Baby Boo-Boo Coverup. The one true disappointment of this month's bag. Somehow the shade actually worked but unfortunately it is too cool toned for my skin, so I look like a slightly toasted, very sick zombie. Oh my god the color is horrible. I did learn, however, that I can use it as a lip and eyelid primer. The sample is "full size" in that the website sells normal sized concealer and they also sell Baby Boo-Boo (the size I got) for $10. It looks like the traditional Boo-Boo is $20. The tube is tiny. Like, tiny, but should last a very long time with how I intend to use it.

Tiny, Niet?

I think I am torn regarding the Frank Body coffee scrub. It feels great. I've used a little on my hands. The sample is pretty small for a scrub. I might have enough for both calves if I use it sparingly (I've got a lot of body, just saying) or most likely I will get multiple uses on my hands. It is definitely oily so as tempting as it is I will not be using this on my face. After a test use my hands were smooth and hydrated. Here's where I'm torn: it has a wake-up-get-up-and-go smell because of the coffee but I definitely wouldn't want to use this in the morning but on a relaxing afternoon or evening where I want to pamper myself.

The extra in my bag this month was the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Deep Bronze - $40 (Full Size). This was a remarkable color match considering I've NEVER had good luck with foundation shades that run across a general spectrum. The best color match I've ever had in the past was a matte formula Clinique foundation that I bought for my wedding day, with the aid of a couple of Sephora staffers, but I digress. I got this product by redeeming Ipsy points I earned by reviewing products I've received and my choice seemed like the best there was to offer, though I wasn't necessarily thrilled to get a tinted moisturizer. Firstly, I did not expect full size so I was thrilled to see that, and again the color match was surprising. There might be a slight difference between this and the Clinique foundation in color, but not enough to matter. I also cannot wear the Clinique foundation anymore because it is too heavy of a coverage for grocery store or library wear, and it tends to make my face look very dry and cakey (I know, it's a matter of application technique). Jouer is also extremely moisturizing and I like that it has spf in it (causing me to wear it more frequently than I expected, to be honest). I don't know if I would spend $40 in the future on foundation; I had a hard time spending $21 on Clinique and god help me if I buy a drugstore brand that will turn me orange. Maybe if it came in a smaller size for less so I know most of it wouldn't go bad, but I will definitely redeem it for points if I'm ever running low.

 From left to right: Urban Decay, ColourPop, Be a Bombshell
, Baby Boo-Boo, Jouer
              Baby Boo-Boo and Jouer blended out. Sorry about the lighting.                   

The total value of this bag was $38.33--surprisingly low for having three full sized items. I would definitely repurchase the ColourPop eyeliner because the formula was nice and the price is definitely right. If I can bring myself to pay $19 I could see myself buying more Urban Decay eyeshadows, especially duochrome colors. The Be a Bombshell Pout Potion might be worth repurchasing at $14, as long as I can find a shade that works for me. I absolutely pass on Boo-Boo Cover-up; the shade range is far too limited. Frank Body was a nice treat but here are other scrubs that are more affordable. Maybe as a Christmas present to myself? One complaint people have about Ipsy might be a bonus for me: I love the mix of high end products and relatively unknown companies. This month Frank Body was the unknown, being an Australian, online only company. Smart marketing since it makes me want to spend the extra money to support the company instead of go for the convenience of a local retailer. Even though the value was relatively low, everything in my bag was totally usable this month.

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