Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Life Accomplishment: Red Lipstick

On this day, the 29th of June in the year Two Thousand Sixteen, I have found a red lipstick that looks good on this black girl.

So here's the thing, we wear red lipstick all the time. It works on some of us, and I've been told there's a shade for everyone (blue tone red?). Its just the workable shades (for me) are so limited and deep and I've always looked like a hooker clown. Don't get me wrong, prostitutes and sex workers are very nice people. I hear they even offer great services. But clowns are evil monsters and looking like a hooker clown doesn't qualify as one of my #goals.

The lipstick is by Tarte in the color Bae and is unfortunately $20. I happened to wander into a Sephora today and tried some matte colors, Bae and Buxom's Centerfold. Centerfold did not work out, way too pink, but Bae is the ONLY good looking pinup red lipstick I've ever seen. I would do the black pinup girl or black Gwen Stefani if I felt like wearing a bhindi and a cropped top after taping my breasts down.

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