Sunday, July 10, 2016

A futile effort... Books, Activity and Garbage

I've been trying to read lately. That's been an utter failure. I don't even pretend television is an option and I'm too much of a book snob to do audio books. My current efforts are:
A Dance with Dragons-George R. R. Martin (I'm crawling through this one)
Orange is the New Black-Piper Kerman (see above comment)
Living Single-Holly Chamberlin (an abortion in print)
Dirk Gently's Holistic Dective Agency-Douglas Adams (an easy reread)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy-Douglas Adams (an early high school reread)

Please note, the last two books I got as comfort reads, knowing Game of thrones has been dragging lately and expecting the worst of the other two books. If I can get the toddler to stop eating my books or throwing hers at me in an effort to get me to read to her, followed shortly by her getting bored after one page and running off, maybe I could get something accomplished around here. I can at least read ebooks with the infant (see: barnacle) attached to me.

Baby weight! It's way worse this time than it ever was with the first kid. I don't remember my mother warning me about that. Or I ignored her, either way. I need to find some motivation, probably in the bottom of this Costco bucket of glazed pecans, to eat better or at least to exercise. So far all I see is more pecans.

(Please excuse my tone of mild annoyance. Peanut (the toddler) just swiped my screen before I got to save my progress so I'm retyping it all out) My final futile effort will be empties. I just don't go through products frequently enough for it to be a common post theme. I would probably have to limit it to sample and deluxe sized items I get from subscription bags. The other issue here is that I'm an idiot and I keep accidentally throwing things out when I kill them instead of saving my trash. A work in progress.

I will take any book suggestions. I always say I love a bad book but I don't know if I can make it through Living Single. I may have to compensate for that with some Vonnegut.

Until next time.

Note: Peanut is the 18 month old. The 2 month old is my little Coconut; she's far sturdier than Peanut ever was at this age.

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