Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What happened to E.L.F. Cosmetics?

At one point in my life, as recently as two years ago, I found myself perusing the ELF (or Eyes Lips Face) Cosmetics at least once a week checking out the awesome deals they had on new products and best sellers. Hell, I even remember a time where I would see the brand in Target around Christmas time, see the name ELF and think "oh wow, how cute and festive!" (I was so adorable and ignorant back then). But I absolutely loved the brand, as hit-or-miss as they were. Let's back this up and have a little story time, shall we?
Once upon a time I was wandering through Target with my then future sister-in-law just killing time and looking for anything to jump out at me as a decent enough item for me to waste money on in a quick impulse buy. Lo and behold, I see something labeled E.L.F. on an endcap. At this point I am still naive of the brand and I see an an adorable vaguely elf themed stocking stuffer, and holy crap, it's cheap! A must buy, right?

$20 and a nail polish cube/huge eyeshadow palette later, I realize I got mediocre product for way cheap. Over time I wasted tons of obey at target and online only to find I either hate specific elf products or colors look god awful on me.

Admittedly, it took way too long to realize that the best way to purchase ELF is directly from their website. You are far less likely to find damaged or old, dried up product, there is a wider variety of shades and customer service is willing to work with you (at this point I had purchased one too many dried it cream eyeliners through Target and was ready to give up on the brand entirely). Another benefit to buying directly through the website besides a wider shade variety and better quality product  was the opportunity to find a deal like 50% off or free shipping. Overall my love for ELF was the freedom to try various types of products and shades without breaking the bank. Sexy stuff, no?

Over the years ELF has phased out their mineral line (no big loss to me there, honestly) but lately I've been noticing their newer items like the Beautifully Bare and Aqua Beauty lines which, more power to you but they are more expensive and put me on edge just waiting for the phasing out of the essentials ($1) line. Welp, that day has come, and holy crap there are some things I will miss. Ok sorry, that isn't fair to say, but the website does have some massive 50% off sales right now for Easential and Studio line products, but it looks like it only applies to certain shades.

Backing up a bit, what the hell is the point of increasing cost of items that are pretty much identical to previous items, just more slightly prettier in some cases? Well obviously, profit. But while seeking out that profit they are losing what made them worth buying, for me at any rate. Ok so, I must admit the skincare line is intriguing with very cute packaging but is it worth $14 when I can just go buy Neutrogena, Clean & Clear or splurge and get some Clinique? Cute packaging though? But seriously, given how much I've spent on $1 and $3 misses in the past to find the few awesome gems, I cannot bring myself to pay $6 for the same gamble when I can just walk into a drugstore and see the colors right in front of me for the same cost.

This is going to be a two or three part rant because I can feel the loss of focus and ramblings of an angry, senile Scrooge coming on.

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