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March 2017 Target Beauty Box Review

My March Target beauty box (now sold out) came in and boy howdy, is it boring. Funny little back story, I was supposed to get the February box but it was a bit of a comedy of errors. The Target boxes get delivered to my mother in law because her mailbox is larger and she is always home (in case something is delivered that won't fit in the box). Somebody swiped her name plate on her mailbox and she checks her mail very infrequently, nfi why, she's just always been awful about checking her mail. After getting pissed enough at her for a perpetually overstuffed mailbox, the postal worker just stopped service and things were being returned to sender, including the February Target beauty box. By the time we realized what the problem was, the box had. Even sold it and I had to call customer service (which their customer service is awesome!) and get a refund.

This tiny little guy was heavy
White box for Spring?


Fast forward to Friday where I had to pick the box up from the post office. So the contents were pretty underwhelming but almost everything is usable. The contents include:

This box contained the ever present dry shampoo. This time it was in the form of Dove Refresh. Unfortunately I have less than zero use for this so I had to pass it on. It claims to be volumizing and not leave a white residue however a spray test on my hand left behind a powdery white residue. I loved the smell though. It smells like classic Dove soap; the scent was a little powdery but very clean.

I got a sample of Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer in Fair to Light. I’m actually pretty glad I got this, even though the gradual tanning aspect is more or less useless to me, especially if it’s formulated for fair to light skin tones. I very recently mentioned how I wanted to try more wet-skin moisturizers and see if they are worth the hooplah (yes, they are, it just requires a decent amount for them to work). I also very recently bought Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in error hoping it was the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream (I’m illiterate, so sue me). Once I get some use out of the Natural Glow moisturizer I intend to go buy the BB Perfecting Skin Cream in hopes of finding a replacement for my Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sunblock. So far there has been no evening or change (subtle or otherwise) in skintone, but no surprise there, right?

Neutrogena lip gloss and Dove dry shampoo
This month’s box only had one makeup item, the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine. The goofy thing about this product is that the wand seems too large for the tube. It takes some struggling to get the wand in and out, but at least the tip is wide enough that it provides ample surface area for application. The shade I received was Radiant Rose and it looks like everybody so far has received this color. It’s pretty garishly pink but at least it applies so sheer that it gives just the slightest hint of rosy pink to my lips. I suspect that on lighter skin tones it would be a nice your-lips-but-better flush. Another item of note: this gloss is sticky as shit. It’s moisturizing but if you can’t stand that sticky lip feeling you’re probably better off avoiding this one.

Target was very kind and included a shampoo and conditioner to complement each other. SoapBox is an ingredient conscious brand whose main mission is to provide the very basics to children in need: a bar of soap. It might sound ridiculous on its face but think about it-should the zombie apocalypse finally happen, without the right resources, one papercut and you’re dead. Help reduce the zombie population, people. I love the mission and the lack of certain ingredients like parabens, sulfates, dyes and scents but at the end of the day I’m the type of person who enjoys a little olfactory stimulation with her hair rituals. It shampooed and conditioned well enough but outside of their mission, it’s just a soap/moisturizer combo. No hate though.

Happy Hair Day!
It looks as if Target is jumping onto the K-beauty band-waggon. MISSHA is a new brand to me (at this point every brand is a new brand to me though) so it was kind of fun trying their time-machine toner. I love that this toner does not contain alcohol and therefore is not drying but I’m just going to have to call bullshit on their claims that saccharomyces extract will repair DNA damage. Aside from the obvious question of “And the mechanism for this is...?” I got stuck on “Where do I even begin with this?” and “What the actual fuck?” Last I checked, DNA alteration didn’t work like that, especially not on a topical level. But then I’m just a layman who doesn’t want to embarrass herself with 12 year old and most likely tainted Cellular Genetics/Microbial Genetics knowledge so I’m just going to let this short but sweet post from FutureDerm clear that up for you.

The final item this month was the Skinfix Foaming Oil Cleanser and this, next to the wet skin moisturizer, is the most exciting thing in my box this month. Holy crap I love getting cleansers and this one does not disappoint. It foams, it smells pretty refreshing (cucumbers or some vague outdoorsy “open air” type scent) and it left my skin feeling clean yet moisturized. It doesn’t apply like an oil but rather the oil essence is what remains after rinsing, but without feeling overly shiny or greased up.

Skinfix cleanser and Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer
All in all not a bad box. I can use everything in it (aside from the dry shampoo) and the value was pretty decent. Do I wish I was able to get the February box? Yes, it seemed a little more interesting (those masks though!) but then sometimes the boring items are the most useful. For $7 and a $3 off any beauty purchase coupon though I will shut up and stop complaining. But the masks!

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