Monday, May 8, 2017

May Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box time! My mother-in-law buys these for me every month because she sees my eyes light up every time I pass by the makeup aisle in Target. That being said, I am a total ungrateful bitch but I look forward to these far less than my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions, but most things in the boxes are pretty useful and the value is always above the $5-10 price point. Knowing that I'm such a great salesperson (har) I threw in a link for you guys if you wanted to grab it since it's still available at $10.

This month's box included:
The Nexxus Shampoo smells like cocoa, if cocoa was on a diet. There was not enough product in the package for me to get a feel of how well it cleansed. I even had to add water to the package to try to get the rest of the product out to use on my hair which may look extremely short but is dense enough that 5mL of product (or whatever tiny amount I was working with, 9mL?) is a complete waste. The packaging is so cute yet so useless in the shower as well.

Back of Nexxus packaging
When did I get my grandmother's hands?
But seriously, when?
The Nexxus Conditioner has a more pleasant citrus, almost tropical smell, almost like passion fruit but a little less delicious. Please see my above complaints about packaging. I almost threw this crap in the trash because I just didn't feel like dicking around with trying to peel foil in the shower or squeeze the shit out of a weirdly (yet adorably) packaged sample but I toughed it out just so I could give a review on how I was unable to get enough product to effectively use.

The Nexxus Vitall 8-in-1 Masque smelled like your typical salon. On a related note: I learned today that I miss the smell of salons from when I used to regularly get my hair straightened. I do not however miss the act of getting my hair straightened. I can't even afford the time to get my eyebrows threaded on the regular. How the fuck am I expected to sit in a chair for hours on end? Of the Nexxus products in the box this was the winner. There was a ton of product to use and I actually noticed a difference in my hair afterward. It was way softer than the dry brittle tumbleweed I had started with and I was able to comb through it without too many teardrops. Packaging was still a concern here though. Trying to rip at the tabs in the shower was like trying to get into a chastity belt on prom night.

I don't know when I will get around to using the Nubian Heritage Bath Bombs. Ignoring the fact that I'm not a bath person (they require the pre-bath shower, the soaking and the post-bath shower), I live in an apartment, am 5'8" and I simply just cannot fit into my bathtub like that. That's why Dr. Teal's remains untouched. The last time I took a real bath I was playing flip-the-fetus (trying to get a baby to go into the head down position) and I got stuck in the tub like a beached whale. Lesson's learned.
Guess, Nubian Heritage and Soap & Glory

Fairly recently I decided to start using colors outside of my comfort zone. Wet n Wild heard my challenge and tried to call me on my bluff. The MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick in the shade Nice to Fuchsia is a garish pink that would look wonderful on fair skin tones. I will try to wear the shit out of this. It seems like it should be more of an autumn color though. The wand is interesting, it has a bit of an indent to fit the contour of the lips. The formula is very opaque but it's not my favorite. The formula dries a bit too dry and leaves a flaking powdery feeling, even though it doesn't actually flake much.  The price is right though so no complaints there. If you want a liquid lipstick that will last and look great (while not feeling the best but hey, suffer for the sake of fashion) this might be the way to go. On that note, I have a NYX and ColourPop haul coming up in the near future.

I received another ACURE Pore-Minimizing Red Clay Mask. Yay? I'm still working on the last one and my face blew up after using that and another new product or two on the same night. I haven't uncovered the culprit but I'm now understandably gun shy regarding this scrub.
ETA: I am an idiot. I failed to notice that this is the Red Clay Mask where I received  a Pore Minimizing Red Clay Scrub which can be used as a mask as well.  I tried out the Red Clay Mask this morning to similar results as the scrub but without the irritation. In fact, they look very similar on the face, just without the very gentle "scrubbies" in this case.

I tried out the Vichy Pore-Purifying Clay Mask tonight but screwed up and left it on too long while wrangling dwarves so I'm expecting to look like Rocky Dennis by the time I wake up tomorrow. It had a tingling sensation and it came with too sachets so at least I can try again and see if I get better results/fewer interruptions next time.

I gave Guess Dare Fragrance for Women a whirl...I think I'm good. I am horrible at identifying scents but the brand says there are notes of kumquat, jasmine and coconut palm. I smell the barest hint of citrus but it is being drowned out by jasmine which I'm not overly fond of as it is too floral for my taste. This will be a fair switch from my more crisp clean smells or my overtly citrus scented perfumes though.

My final item was the Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish. I've wanted to try this brand forever now so I'm thrilled that it was included in the box. It has a lovely, soapy yet almost childishly fruity scent to it. It kind of reminds me of if sop had sex with Fruit Stripe gum and this was their love child. The scrub has a very moisturizing base and I love how abrasive the scrub itself is.

Total box value: $31.44, amazingly high for the $10 price point. The more I think about the items I actually liked in this box the more I like the box itself. I feel like this is the way most of my Target Beauty Boxes go and I know I sound like an ungrateful bitch since these are gifted but I'll be honest, about half the items are usually a miss for me but the good items make up for the slackers. This month the winners are Soap & Glory, Wet n Wild (even if it's just because it changes up my makeup collection a little) and the Nexxus hair mask. The most surprising find of the box might be either the hair mask or Wet n Wild just because it didn't look insane on me, just strange. It will come down to styling, I think.

I apologize for the filtered selfie. I had to use filters to try to get the true shade to come across on screen since my bathroom lighting makes it look like it's a small annex of the Batcave, but without any of the awesome.
Naked just-got-off-of-work face with  Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit in Nice to Fuchsia
Wet n Wild w/o flash

Wet n Wild w/flash

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