Friday, May 5, 2017

April 2017 Ipsy Review

It has taken me a while to write up a rundown of my April Ipsy bag (we’re rapidly creeping toward mid-May here) but here you go. I’m tired of coming up with the excuse of “I couldn’t find the time” but it remains the truest excuse I can provide. At least this month was a winner?

The April Bag included:

Ofra Blush Godet in Rendezvous $12.00, Cruelty Free, Vegan
Hanalei Soothing Aloe Gel $3.00, Cruelty Free
ColourPop Gel Crème Eyeliner in DTLA $5, Cruelty Free
Hey Honey Besame Mucho Lip Balm $7.47, Cruelty Free

Let’s focus on that bag. I know I’m a trashy ho, but how cute is this bag? It’s been a pretty polarizing bag but I think it’s fucking adorable. And whomever comes up with the themes for Ipsy does a great job. Perhaps my favorite bag in the year I’ve been subscribed!

My last blush I received I got a year ago and I find myself never reaching for it because it is poorly pigmented. Ofra Rendezvous more than made up for that previous blush. It is ridiculously pigmented, a beautiful shade, and a full size godet (pan refill). It’s my first experience with Ofra and I promise you I will be making future purchases from the brand. All swatches can be found at the bottom of the page.

Ofra Blush in Rendezvous, Hikari Cream Pigment in Honey Dew, ColourPop Liner in DTLA
I am not sure how I will go about using the Hanalei Soothing Aloe Gel. I have no idea what the sun is and I live in a small cave of a lab so I never actually see natural sunlight. I cannot imagine suffering from a sunburn anytime in the foreseeable future. The gel is not very thick, but it left my skin feeling somewhat sticky. I tried using this as a serum but it just didn’t work. The purpose of this gel eludes me while the texture once applied angers me.

Hey Honey Besame Mucho, Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel
Whoo! Another eyeshadow in the same, super light, highlighter shade! This time in cream format. I’ve effed around Hikari Cream Pigment a little bit. I tried to apply it with a traditional shader brush, I bought an ELF Concealer blush which while stiff enough to pick up product is absolutely tiny, I’ve tried applying with Q-tips, everything. This shadow picks up easily onto fingertips but it turns out the only away to swatch and apply it is using fingers, which I worry might break down the composition a bit. It’s very similar to my Naked Cosmetics pigment from January but the cream texture makes it much easier to work with. I’ve been using this shade as a highlighter. I feel like Ipsy only has various nude/taupe shades of shadow to offer.

I nearly crapped myself in excitement when I saw that I received a ColourPop Eyeliner in DTLA. I would have been happy with any shade but that I got DTLA, a very deep navy blue, had me over the moon. It provides a beautiful subtle pop of color, is a full sized automatic liner and gives some color without looking over the top. I feel like this liner is a little creamier than the shade Swerve, reviewed here, and I cannot apply it as a liner for my upper lash line because I have non-existent lids that swallow up any liner I apply causing a huge mess in my crease.

I’m a sucker for lip balms, especially if it’s the liquidy, non-stick type so Hey Honey Besame Mucho was right up my alley. This came just in time to replace my Pur-Lisse Mango Lip Butter I got in October and the formula is pretty similar but I would argue that Hey Honey is less drying. I love the feeling (of both, really) upon application but I feel like this formula is nicer to my lips over the course of a couple of hours. 

Total value: $33.97, pretty low. Total happiness: about 7.5/10. Most of that score comes from Ofra and ColourPop. Holy crap that blush though. And I've been in love with ColourPop since my first encounter with the brand last year. My next purchase will probably be their Super Shock Shadows (I've already perused NYX a little and that post will be up soon enough).  

Left to right: Hikari, Ofra, Colourpop (no flash)

Left to Right: Hikari, Ofra, ColourPop (with flash)
Wearing ColourPop, Hikari and Ofra (no flash)

Wearing ColourPop, Hikari and Ofra (with flash)

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