Friday, April 28, 2017

April 2017 Birchbox Review

Birchbox is one of the first boxes I receive in a month and yet it's somehow one of the last posts to go up. Sorry guys. So, remember how much I bitched about Birchbox in the very beginning? I think I'm going to retract most of that vitriol I felt toward the company. I loved this month's box, possibly more than Ipsy (but the bag itself is pretty hard to beat this month). Like Ipsy, Birchbox is a $10 a month subscription that provides you with samples ranging from makeup, skincare, hair care and lifestyle items. My boxes tend to lean heavily toward skincare and hair care and this month was no exception (referral code here). It's also 11:00 PM, my brother flew into town for like 2 days with no downtime scheduled, I've been up since 4:15AM and I have work tomorrow at 6:00AM so this will be a quick-and-to-the-pointless today.

Products that I received were:
I married the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask over the weekend. I would argue that the name is misleading. The texture of my face has not been affected by this product: I still have acne bumps and some discoloration from past scarring but this mask is so incredibly moisturizing without leaving me feeling overly oily or greasy afterwards. Oh Birchbox, you tease. Sometimes you send the most pitiful sample sizes and then there are boxes like this with a decently sized sample that will last at least a few weeks. Definitely the highlight of this month's box.

The amika Nourishing Mask managed to last me a whopping two treatments. Hey, I'm not complaining. My  hair felt pretty well nourished but I cannot say if it was any better or worse than it otherwise would be. Smelled great though.

I loved this R+Co leave-in conditioner. 15mL was able to cover my entire head and I was able to get this look with next-day-hair. Unfortunately, as I was calculating values for this post I realized that I would only get about 10 uses out of a bottle which is highly unfortunate considering the cost. Needless to say I narrowly avoided buyer's remorse on this one.

Second Day Hair after using R+Co

I am pretty indifferent to the Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream. It is too thick for me to feel comfortable using knowing that it will make me look like a grease slick by the end of the day. I already have a preferred product for spot treatments (reviewed here) and the consistence of this product means it will just last me forever. I've taken to using this as a moisturizer at night in hopes that it might even out my skin tone. The Dr. Jart website states that the product is cruelty free but it does not attest as to whether or not that applies only to the final product (which I assume that is the case).

Last but not least I received a liquid lipstick by a company I've never heard of called The Beauty Crop. This one came in the shade Imma Bawse and man it's sexy a f. It is a very deep "power suit" red that is slightly cool/brown toned. The formula is a little liquidy but the pigment is so ridiculously opaque that it just melts my heart. It's also not overly sticky, not drying and doesn't have a smell. Most importantly: It actually washes away  (an issue I've been having with Tarte liquid lipsticks lately).

The Beauty Crop in Imma Bawse on lips
On the whole I would say this box was very beautifully curated. All of the items compliment one another and the one makeup item that was selected for me is such a beautiful deep red shade. The Total value of my box this month was $37.91 which I want to say is on the higher side for Birchbox and I see myself using everything in this month's box. Side note: I once only owned a single wearable red lipstick and now I'm just drowning in them.

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