Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No-Buy. Aka I've probably already failed this

I looked on my vanity today and was overwhelmed by the sheer mass of sample and deluxe sized crap I've accumulated over the past year. I might have a horarding problem and I don't know how it got this bad.

After walking away while shaking my head in shame, I decided I need to start a no-buy period for at least a few months, probably throughout the rest of the year. I have amassed so many samples through subscription boxes, namely Ipsy, Birchbox, Target and soon Sephora Play! (yeah, I may have a problem) that I should really be getting my $360 a year's worth utilizing only items in the boxes I get.

Now, I understand the entire point, from a marketing perspective anyway, of subscription boxes is to try to entice the consumer to buy full sized items of a product that is sent out for little cost to the company in a demo format. In fact this tactic has worked fantastically on me. Some of my recent purchases have been a result of discovering a sample I loved in a subscription box.

I will continue to buy products (soap and hair products) for the tots but at this point I will either use the products I get in subscriptions, even repurposing some for loc maintenance in an attempt to achieve this goal, or I will sneak into my kids' stash of items like oil or leave-in conditioner if I run out of my own products. Whatever items I am lacking through subscription services I might try to supplant through redeeming points or trading otherwise useless items with coworkers for something I actually can and will use.

I have bought a few products in the past couple of weeks-I was running dangerously low on tinted moisturizer, I needed a powder foundation (it was the one key makeup item I was entirely lacking) and I bought both a liquid and a stick foundation, in case one failed me. In the past two months or so I purchased one lip liner and three eyeliners and two three liquid suede matte lipsticks through Nyx (swatched here in Instagram) and five super shock shadows through ColourPop. I also bought L'Oreal Revitalift Triple Action Serum; see rational above regarding marketing and previous samples. It was at this point that I realized I'm an idiot and I still have tons of sample and deluxe sized samples I need to go through.

Quickie reviews will be posted of the items I have purchased and perhaps a small collection of quickie reviews of things I kill off as I go along, along with the usual "hey I got this crap this month" first impression reviews. In fact, I will start the ColourPop haul right now.

Editors note: please excuse any typos. This post is coming from an iPhone.

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