Sunday, July 2, 2017

Target Beauty Box June 2017

Wow, look at that! A month where I was genuinely excited about a Target Beauty Box! So this is the review for June and I'm sorry it's going up so late but I spent half the month on the road and the other half being at work and considering celebrating my return by updating my resume and CV. Also, I'm inebriated so sorry if there are more typos and grammatical errors than usual tonight.

Most importantly, every bag comes with a $3 coupon off of anybody bath or beauty purchase over $15 or more.

I'm always excited to get a sun screen. It seems pretty minor but I've got kids so if it can get stashed easily in a bag then even better. Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport is nothing special; it smells like sun screen, applies like sun screen and has the same greasy texture most sun screens have. I'm still glad I got this though.

I was so looking forward to the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner... and then I got my starter locs done in L.A. during my road trip, thus ruining any future reviews of hair care items for the next several months for me. My current hair care routine involves oil, wrapping it at night (if I'm good about it, which honestly I'm not usually good about it), and rare washes with a stocking on my head so I look like one of the burglars from the beginning of TMNT2: The Secret of the Ooze. This product smelled great but I passed it on to a friend at work because she would be able to get some immediate use out of it.

John Freida Sea Salt Spray is something else that got passed on to my friend at work. It smells nice, a little fruity almost, a spritz in my hand felt sticky, and I'm still a kinky hair girl so this product remains useless to me. One day Target may realize that some of their shoppers are ethnic. I believe the last time that happened it was for the Target Naturals Beauty Box, and even then that wasn't so much ethnic as it was just natural hair and beauty products.

I know a razor is pretty basic but the Schick Hydro Silk Razor has to be my favorite item of the box. A little back story: I used to live exclusively off of Gillette Fusion razors but my dear husband has fallen deeply in love with Costco and our local Costco only has the Gillette Mach 3 model which has three blades. I'll be honest, the closer it is to a cheese grater, the happier I am. So for the sake of being cheap I've been making due with the economy sized pack of three blade razor heads. No longer shall I have to endure this outrage!

This is my first Sinful Colors nail polish and it's not awful. It's definitely sheer for one coat and it's smooth and creamy. The color is a bright coral shade which isn't bad on my skin tone. Fortunately I don't have this shade already so now I have a new color to give Lizzie, the "pretty pink princess" of fantasy land LOVES who loves getting her toenails polished a pedicure.

I've been wanting to get a new concealer recently so thanks, Target. Unfortunately the NYX Gotcha Covered concealer is way too light for me. I can get away with using it directly under my eyelids but even then I tend to look a bit ashy. This is a full coverage concealer so if you have medium skin and need to spackle whatever's going on with your face, this no movement, no frills concealer is for you.

My final item was a sheet mask by Masque Bar. Now, you know my opinion of sheet masks. That being said, this mask had flaps to cover one's eyes, mouth, and nose to make it a solid sheet across your face. I did not want an untested skincrare product sitting on my lids so I didn't try using the eye flaps and I definitely did not feel like getting waterboarded by a sheet mask.

My thumb painted with this month's polish.
The total value of this box was $23.39. Not bad for $10 box. Other people seem to feel the same way because this box sold out, which hasn't been happening with Target Beauty Boxes as much lately. Now I'm going to crawl my lazy, half-asleep typing ass into bed. I've already passed out at the computer once this evening.

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