Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Subscription Box Review Part 2

I'm back for round two of subscription box reviews. I will try to make a concerted effort to post more or at least be more timely about reviews. No excuses, as I look at the clock, see that it is 12:30, and know that I have to be at work at 6:00 AM on a weekend. But enough bemoaning my insomnia, let's dive right into the analysis.

July Haul
The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow in Meet Matt(e) Moskowitz ($5.50?) is a sexy, sexy eyeshadow. It's sold in pallet only form but there looks like there is an unnamed shade that is very similar sold individually. It is extremely creamy and highly pigmented and definitely has lasting power. It is matte but doesn't look cakey at all. My only issues I have with it are all due to user error. I cannot apply it and blend it out properly. Just imagine a 2 year old fisting a jumbo crayon and that pretty sums up my application technique. If I can figure out how to apply it without looking like I've been finger painting I will consider repurchasing it probably in Meet Matt(e) Kumar because I love the reddish shade, if I can make it work. But man the packaging is so cute. But then I might bet love with the post-war era and the atomic age/streamline moderne.

Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner in Lauren ($22)-Oh my god I think I hate the Thrive liner. At least it's matte black? I keep stupidly grabbing for it when the ColourPop is too far out of reach (see: in my train case right in front of me but requires opening). I love the idea of the smudger and sharpener built into an automatic liner but it just melts off of my face within 2 hours (summertime humidity). But it lasts when I lightly wash off swatches in the sink. I need to stop being lazy, pull out ColourPop and save this guy for autumn and winter when storms start rolling through at cooler temperatures. Seriously, I get pissed off every time I look at this thing. So I'm going to need to wander away from the iPad for a bit to regroup.
(Several days later)
I really really like the sharpener though. It doesn't work as well with the ColourPop eyeliner though so it wouldn't be worth hanging onto after I use up the product itself.
(More days later) I wish this liner would die sooner. 
I can try using it as a base?
(Even Later) So much hatred...

skyn ICELAND The Antidote Cooling Lotion ($45)-I might be in love with this Cooling Lotion (I'm still nursing it as of September 10th. I'm afraid of running out before I buy more so it's a rare treat). It seems like it works better after shower/clean face. Really, after a shower is best. I want to chalk that up to the steam opening the pores more. It continued to work 30 minutes after applying. It also absorbed very well, not tacky feeling at all and it left no residue. I think it would work for oily skin types as well because it absorbs so well and doesn't look or feel greasy (see Murad for the opposite results). Oh and I absolutely love the woodsy minty smell. I don't think I would recommend the cooling lotion for sensitive skin types. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and repurchase this. And Frank Body. That's my personal splurge for the year.

Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Quinoa Frizz Control Gel ($20)-I finally finished this off which is sad considering how small the sample was. It only took a month for that tiny sample. It wasn't sticky at all, didn't leave my hair crunchy, but it had no actual hold. It did not define my curls (like the Kinky Curly Curling Custard sort of does). I even tried varying amounts of product--nothing! It did not make a difference on Peanut either so all in all, it was a harmless waste. I did like the small size so I could keep it in a diaper bag for an on the go fix. And the un-crunch was pretty nice, if the product actually did something. Pass.

The makeup community is going to crucify me but I do not like the Too Faced Hangover Primer ($32) at all. It feels too sticky and I am used to just using a moisturizer and  silicone based primer. I am really just not used to the tinted moisturizer feel: I am unused to feeling any cream or liquid product on my face. I've been almost wasting it, it seems, by mixing it with my Jouer illuminating tinted moisturizer to lighten the coverage a bit. It makes it so I don't feel like I'm wearing a clay mask of foundation, but I'm probably destroying the SPF. On the other hand, I feel comfortable with the Jouer coverage when I use the ELF mineral infused primer. This somehow fails for me as a primer and as a moisturizer. I will pass on buying this in the future. I will call it user error

August Haul
Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner ($10)-So this product isn't bad... It's buttery enough, smells great, has no flavor, but it has zero SPF (let's revisit this in a minute) and is absolutely not worth the cost. At all. Ok so let's rewind. The website states that it helps protect against UV and environmental pollutants but in the detailed product description it specifically says "Not an SPF" which I find deceiving. I see you, Jersey Shore Cosmetics... I see you. Will I use it, absolutely. Will I repurchase it, no. Not at all. In short, I've had better.
Update: Totally smells like Disneyland Churros.


IT Haircare 12-in-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment ($14.99)-I think I kind of like this. It works on Lizzie (Peanut) who no longer has baby hair but still has pillow soft curls, and it's not too bad in my hair. I love the salon smell too. Made in America, turns out I drive past this place all the time on the way to work and school when I still lived in California. I won't repurchase this though because I am currently too in love with Cantú products.

Beau Gâchis Teardrop Blending Sponge (2 pack for $28)-Yep. It's the first cosmetic sponge I've ever used and I just love this little guy. I love the sheer coverage it provides, it's soft, it feels durable, really it's awesome. I don't feel like in coated in a clay mask like I coached using a brush. I may have officially converted to blending sponges. I will buy this (or really, any product similar to it) in the future.

Beauty For Real 24/7 I-Line Eyeliner in Black Magic ($14)-I like how it smudges then sets but putting a thick line on my upper lash line makes my eyes look small and boxy. I just need to invest a small pencil brush for lining and smudging. I tend to do better tight lining. This eyeliner is super black and super creamy and once it's on it won't move, so it does great at what it says it does but it's also just a good eyeliner in general. It's a good ColourPop replacement when that one finally dies. Either that or most likely, a base for my duochrome eyeshadow. I could buy this again. The price isn't too extravagant.

Tarte Cosmetics The Tarteist in Paint it Black ($23)-this replaced Smashbox. Where my Smashbox eyeliner has a more traditional bristled wand, this silicone wand does a better job at separating and defining lashes for a natural look. There is zero clumping. Smashbox adds the length but I do love how dark and thick and natural and defined this makes my lashes look. I will definitely repurchase this. Even better if it's available in deluxe size, that way I get minimal waste. I feel like such a snob now. "Oh sweetheart, I don't do drugstore mascara" as I wear my Dalmatian skin coat and smoke my quirley. I'm stuck between singing the Rolling Stones and Cruela Deville's theme song.

Jouer Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (full sized, $40)-I'm an adult! This was a bonus in my June(?) bag and I think I kind of love it. It's still pretty hefty coverage for me (I'm so used to naked face) but I just cut this with a primer to feel less made up (it's the one way I can get use out of my Too Faced Hangover Face Primer). It really has more of a satin finish than dewy on me, and it doesn't oxidize to an orange color (*cough*ELF*cough*). This is much easier to wear than my full coverage Clinique foundation I wore for my wedding. At least I don't feel like a kabuki geisha. I will definitely redeem this again whenever it becomes available on the site but in a different shade (I'm currently using the darkest shade, Deep Bronze and I might be able to get away with Caramel in the winter, or at least be able to blend the two). I might buy this in the future but I just don't use tinted moisturizers enough to justify the purchase.

Karin Herzog Oxygen System (August bonus item I purchased with points) is a ridiculously overpriced skincare system that promises the magic of oxygen will help prevent (and even reverse) signs of aging. *blank stare* okay. So let's ignore that it smells like a marketing scam from a mile away and focus on how incredible the face scrub (that I wouldn't spend $65 on) feels. The primary component of the scrub itself is calcium carbonate, so really you're just rubbing chalk into the skin but oh my god does it hurt so good. Otis very mild and yet still manages to effectively scrub and clear pores. And I can abuse my face without the guilt of killing the planet with plastic micro rads that wash out into the ocean. Now, if only all drugstore exfoliators can feel like this instead of like St. Ives (I still love you though, apricot buddy). The vita kombi lotion was alright... It eventually rubbed down and left a minimal filmy feeling but let's be honest, short of a laser and a time machine, anti-aging is not a thing.

Beauty For Real I-Line Eyeliner from August

Update: The only things I've gotten any real mileage out of so far were the cooling lotion, the illuminating tinted moisturizer, the mascara if I'm trying to get away with an absolutely no-makeup look, the blending sponge and the lip balm when I'm on the run. The other items get occasional to rare use, or they are in place as backups when I run out of a preferred item. 

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